Friday, September 19, 2014

Celebrate Studio Table: uncensored, unedited, & mostly unkempt

 yep, that describes my creative work space!
an invitation from Seth Apter to show everyone our "untidy" work table.

 the first  three photos are of my inside table where things just accumulate until i get to putting them away where they are supposed to be.

& these are of my outside art table & some storage areas, taken on different days just to show you it's messy most of the time.
"smokey" the cat thinks the art table is his......sometimes we just share the space.
this is another great idea of Seth Apter, have a look at his blog for more.


  1. outside table? You're able to keep all those great supplies outside? That's amazing.... and your messy collection looks utterly delightful to me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It might look a bit messy but I bet you know where everything is!

  3. Love your space and your cat, I have some feline friends that like to keep me company when I'm working too.

  4. Love your space. I have s small space too. If I am using it at all I pull everything out and it is quite untidy.

  5. thanks for looking at my messy tables.
    the outside area is an extension of the carport & has a clear roof for protection from the weather. there are cupboards & shelves for storage.



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