Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oil Portrait on Canvas

 well actually a damaged canvas from the tip shop. it wasn't  torn when i bought it, just used.
 i started to paint a landscape, didn't like it , so scraped the paint off & when the canvas was dry i put a mauve wash over it.
i like the colour coming through the mauve & the textured parts where i used thicker paint with a palette knife.
there was a big wind here one day that blew the canvas to the ground & it hit something on the way down.
 tears from the back......& on the front above the eyes they look like cracks.



  1. very nice!!...the tear could be a least one of my boys has one there...adds she's not perfect...none of us are!!....good on you for rescuing the the eyes too...

  2. thank you......i had fun playing around with different colours to go over the mauve underpainting, she may survive her injuries for a little while, at least until i think of something else to paint over her!



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