Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moulding Paste Mixed With Acrylic Paint..........

...... to create texture on a canvas.
to begin i used a previously painted canvas that had random lines drawn into the paint while it was still wet with an old fork.
 i repainted over the canvas roughly with white acrylic.
 when dry i taped around the sides (green masking tape), to make a border.
 at this stage i had no idea what i was going to paint. so decided to challenge myself & use green, not my favourite colour!
 i just mixed colours with the moulding paste to see what would happen when they went onto the canvas.
the  green was a bit dull by itself,  so of course pink made an appearance to liven things up a bit, also not a favourite colour.
sometimes you just do what you have to do!
 this shows some detail of the texture created by using the paint mixed with moulding paste & applied fairly thickly. 
 while all the paint was still wet i again used the fork to create the lines.when it was completely dry removed the tape.
 you can see some of the colour from the previous painting on the border.

now hanging on the wall.


  1. nice!!...very clever...a lovely landscaped image ...makes me want to wander in and check out the pink...and the green is nice and cool and inviting...

  2. Sometimes trying new colours gives you an appreciation for something you didn't expect. Of course I love these colours



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