Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spring Flowers.......Paint & Collage

i have been wanting to try this rose pattern wooden block print.
 so to the beginning........first day....i painted a square canvas with acrylic dirty yellows & creams, let it dry, (last photo)......i am kind of going backwards here, but you will work it out. the first three photos are where i am at today.

 the day before i tried some image transfers.......not very successful, but will add to the layering process.
then added some torn paper collage, let it dry before block printing with pink & cream acrylic.

 this transfer of peonies in a jug worked ok.

not sure where this is going......just doing it day by day & letting each layer dry before the next one.


  1. looking good - that stamp is cool & like the layering. I've been in a pink flower mode too, mostly taking picks of my rosebush which opened lots of flowers yesterday :)

  2. nice...love the effect of the stamp...enjoy spring and the process..



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