Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sketch Book Challenges

Catching up with my sketch book challenges again.......the first one is for august, the prompt was "shelter". a quick sketch of two umbrellas in white pastel & black crayon over an old blue & black acrylic painting on  textured  watercolour paper. 
 the title for september is "patterns". these pages are acrylic on a collage of used window envelopes,used office papers stamped with round plastic lids to make circles, crayon & pitt pen drawing,  stenciled with plastic packaging (the little yellow rectangular  shapes) & old stick on dots that have lost their sticky stuff, stuck on with impasto gel & then glued into my sketch book. i think re- using all of these materials has worked well for this exercise, a lot of paper comes into the office, i just save a bit of it from going into the recycle bin by using it in art work. (raylee).


  1. nice the can feel the bleak cold rain!!...pretty works with the patterns use the paper well...

  2. thanks.......umbrellas is my favourite at the moment too.



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