Friday, August 17, 2012

Patchwork Blue Crochet Rug

My mother taught me to crochet when i was about 13 or 14, & i then taught others.some of them were very prolific & made lots of granny square rugs. i don't remember making anything very big in those days. smaller things appealed to me  like halter tops & bikinis. later on i crocheted myself a sky blue cotton smock that lasted right through my second pregnancy.
i hadn't crocheted for a long time but was inspired by a request by pip lincoln, meetmeatmike's, to make granny squares to donate to the qld flood appeal.
you get hooked on crochet, it's such an easy craft once you learn the basics, & there are lots of ways to use it.
i have just finished my second rug.i found the pattern in "better homes and gardens magazine,june 2010."
i have found that if i get something started i can pick it up & do a bit in between other projects, keep it in a bag & take it with me for times when i'm waiting ,eg. doctor's, dentist etc., or in front of the tv.
how long have you been crocheting?
who taught you?
what have you made recently?
or do you buy items already made?
would you like to learn to crochet?


  1. I've never done crochet but I'm quite inspired to try one day soon!

  2. I've never tried it either. Mum has tried to teach me to knit on several occasions, without much success. Maybe you could try and teach me when we come up?! I love the colours in the rug, and do you have that blue smock handy, I'm running out of clothes, haha!xx

  3. hey wow...that rug looks really good...good on you..
    my Mum learnt to spin real sheeps she needed someone to do something with it...Mum can knit but she wanted crochet so she got her girlfriend came around and teach me to crochet...we made a knee rug with granny squares...all hand spun...dark brown centres...mid brown...then cream...I was probably 14 or 15...

  4. nice to hear from you girls.....
    katie when you are ready just go to "meetmeatmike's"....for pip's crochet tutotial.
    holly i do have a crocheted smock that i made for a very pregnant person a few years back..... her baby was over 8 pounds. you will be able to crochet by the time you leave.
    essemm i wonder where that rug is now? i still have some of your mum's brown wool.....

  5. I was thinking about that when I commented...not sure if she still has it...she gave the new girls in the family some of her stash a little while maybe it went to one of them...



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