Saturday, November 13, 2010


I have been using some of the fabric essemm gave me, both fabrics had a previous life as skirts. the rose cotton skirt i found at the op shop, the ribbon too. i trimmed the pocket with an old linen doily & stitched a couple of rows of ribbon around the bottom. my inspiration for this apron came from a chance visit to a book store, where i came across a book......"A Is for Apron - 25 fresh & flirty designs by Nathalie Mornu" ............ who ever thought of aprons as fresh & flirty? ... it is a very bright, colourful , how to book, (patterns included )with lots of ideas ,"vintage" styles too! ...... i might have to try wearing one, dont know about being fresh & flirty though........vintage would be more like it! ( raylee ).


  1. ahh go on...I'm sure you could feel fresh and flirty with one of these...lovely stuff



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