Friday, June 18, 2010

Something on the way

Im working on this at the moment , not sure yet what it will end up as. i sewed random bits of denim & a doily onto a piece of block printed cotton. have been experimenting with bird designs lately . i am trying to come up with some innovative ideas for embroidered doilies. i liked the knitted fabric that i scrounged from another project, & will work it into my design. havent had a real creative week as we were away for the long weekend & always seem to get behind in the mundane chores that wont leave me alone . i did manage to make a collage to use as a sign , which i will post later on. we (essarr) are all happy with the positive feedback we have received & appreciate all who take the time to look at our blog, hope we can keep you all interested enough to come back & check out our future projects as well as some older ones too. maybe some of you will be a little inspired to create as well. (raylee).


  1. looks good....what will it be?....something lovely I'm sure...clever girl...

  2. Is that my jumper you borrowed off me in 1988? I wondered where it went to.............



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